The Digital Economy Canon - Section 3: Top Tokenized Communities

Tokenized communities, or DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), have become increasingly trendy in recent years. These member guilds use social tokens to facilitate collaboration, create trust and autonomy between parties, and dissolve organizational hierarchies. In short, DAOs have the potential to revolutionize the ways we work together, and what we’re working for.

Many of these early communities are paving the way by innovating at the forefront of what's possible with Social Tokens, building new experiences and reinventing how people create and build together. In this third section of Forefront’s Digital Economy Canon, we’re excited to introduce to you our favorite Web3 communities, across a range of different DAO sub-categories.

It hasn't been easy to select only twenty-one communities, as hundreds of great ones work hard every day to push the space forward! We've tried to diversify our selection to reflect the large panel of thriving communities today. We've prioritized communities that are focused on shipping new concepts/products, actively leveraging a Social Token, sending strong social signals, or fostering a strong, tight-knit community with active members and ambitious—even lofty!— goals.

For each community, you'll find a brief summary of their purpose and mission, background on the founder(s), and relevant social links.

Enjoy! 🔥

For a more in-depth explanation and expansive category list, check out @coopahtroopa’s Mirror post—the inspiration behind this week’s section!

Category 1: Social DAOs

Social DAOs are the very first layer of creating purpose to community: essentially, group chats inspiring both social networking and collaborative, meaningful work. If you're new to the DAO economy, and are simply looking for a place to find your people, these communities may become your tribe: a space to connect over shared interests and values and goals.

Category 2: Collector DAOs

Collector DAOs are (you guessed it!) groups of collectors, backing the mainstream adoption of NFTs. If you’re an emerging artist, or an NFT investor, scoping the best people and places to put your money behind these curator communities are the right fit for you.

Category 3: Investment DAOs

Not mutually exclusive to Grants DAOs, but unlike most DAO categories we’re touching on, these communities are profit focused. By allowing members to pool large sums of money together, Investment DAOs reduce the barriers to entry of funding for new projects and early stage ideas. More thoughtfully, Investment DAOs have the potential—and the capacity—to truly disrupt the gatekeeping systems behind the traditional VC/Investment ecosystem.

Category 4: Service DAOs

Service DAOs are a renovated, more sophisticated, Web3 version of Linkedin. These communities operate as talent allocators, funneling human capital within and between DAOs. If you’re a freelancer looking for a space to find creative work, check out one of these spaces, which don’t only connect you with these channels, but give you ownership over the products of your work!

Category 5: Up and Coming DAOs

Many Web3 communities are thriving today, and there are many more being created everyday, each with high-ambition goals and values. We’re highlighting in this section the up and coming DAOs, the ones you should take a closer look at if you haven’t heard of them already.

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