The Digital Economy Canon - Section 2: Top 10 Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the best ways to be updated about the latest news in the Web3 world and deep-diving into specific subjects. We're excited to come up with this new section of the Forefront Digital Economy Canon this week, bringing you the top ten best Web3 newsletters.

We've tried to diversify our selection to reflect the large panel of Newsletters covering the Web3 world today while making sure to select only the very best ones. In this 2nd Section of the Forefront Digital Economy Canon, you'll discover a wide range of newsletters covering different aspects of the field, publishing at a different cadence and covering from the latest news to deep-diving specific subjects.

There are so many great newsletters and great writers today in the space that it has been hard for us to select only ten to be part of the Digital Economy Canon and compete for the FF Awards. But we've made it! And it's now your turn to vote, from the ten nominees, for your three favorite newsletters, those that will earn a special NFT, the prize of "Best Newsletter in the space" by Forefront, and a place (find a better wording) in our final report.

We've spent hours curating the most exciting and diversified Newsletter around Social Tokens and Web3 in general for this Digital Economy Canon. We've chosen to highlight the newsletters based on several criteria such as the cadence (tried to include daily, weekly and monthly newsletters ), the consistency (if they are regularly published), the social signal, and the overall quality.

For each Newsletter, you'll find a summary of the podcast, the writer(s), and the reasons we've put the Newsletter on the list.

Enjoy! 🔥

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