The Digital Economy Canon - Section 1: Podcasts

During a bike ride or while cooking, podcasts are an excellent way to dig more into the Web3 space in a not-so-engaging way. There are some short-format podcasts, some long-format, some technical, some fun, some discussing the future of this space, and some concerning the past.

We've spent hours curating the most exciting and diversified podcasts around Social Tokens and the Web3 space in general for this Digital Economy Canon. For each podcast, you'll find a summary of the podcast, the host(s), and the reasons we've put the podcast on the list.

We've chosen to highlight the podcasts that are still early, very niche, that reflect the Web3 ideology, and that would need more visibility. We've therefore put apart the more mainstream ones.

Below, you'll find the latest and greatest podcasts that will help you understand the Web3 and Social Token space more, whether you are anon or a native.

Enjoy! 🔥

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