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2021 Social Token Tools

As vibrant and as dynamic as the creators and communities they support, the tools of the social token landscape are expanding at a breakneck pace. Together, they form a rich constellation of apps, platforms, and protocols, many of which possess an integration or nuance that encourage social token-based projects to easily customize their tech stacks.

But like the best technologies, the strongest tools of the social token landscape not only support creators and communities, but also fundamentally alter how value and information is exchanged. If you want a true glimpse into what the future holds for networked organizations and crypto-native communities, look to the emerging tools that offer something radically new and different.

Below, you'll find the latest and greatest social token tools that are helping to redefine and reconceptualize our digital cities.

Token Issuance

Coinvise: a launchpad for social tokens and a tool to help operate tokenized communities

Rally: platform for creators to launch social tokens that enable transactions, access, and other creative solutions

Roll: tool to launch unique to your online presence, allowing you to own, control and coordinate the value you create across platforms.

Rabbithole: allows partners to distribute social tokens through proof-of-use mechanism

Coordination & Communications

Discord: web2 messaging app that serves as a community hub for synchronous conversations and streaming events

Mirror: web3 publishing platform that offers innovative writer tools and a creative suite for communities, including various crowdfunding options

SourceCred: tool to measure and reward value creation for communities

PartyBid: app that allows individuals to to bid collectively on NFTs and fractionalize ownership

Radicle: a peer-to-peer stack for code collaboration

Coordinape: tool to incentivize and reward participants through a unique token distribution model

XMTP: crypto-native communication protocol that seeks to connect communities, applications, and users

Treasury & Wallets

Gnosis Safe: multi-signature wallet used to pool and manage custody of community treasuries, with its Zodiac app offering modular tools to connect platforms, protocols, and chains

Llama: a hub providing treasury data for financial reporting, asset allocation, budget planning, and fiscal policy

Parcel: a Gnosis-powered treasury management solution to track and distribute budgets.

Juicebox: a business-model-as-a-service and programmable treasury for community-owned Ethereum projects

Sablier Finance: protocol that offers continuous and autonomous payroll management

Superfluid: protocol for money streaming and rewards distributions

Multis: multi-signature wallet designed for organizations

Syndicate Protocol: decentralized investing protocol and social network, empowering communities to raise and invest capital

Metamask: Ethereum wallet for tokens, designed as a browser extension and mobile app

Rainbow: a mobile-based Ethereum wallet for fungible and non-fungible tokens

Token Gating

MintGate: platform allowing users to gate content that can only be unlocked by holding specific tokens app that creates cross-DAO token gates based on social tokens or NFT collections.

Collab.Land: Discord bot used to create token-gated channels and verify ownership of digital assets

GateKeeper: product created by Friends With Benefits for token-gated ticketing of IRL events

Governance & Voting

Snapshot: client that provides off-chain voting solutions for token-based governance.

Boardroom: platform offering an integrated governance and communications management portal to easily participate in governance

Tally: platform that tracks and analyzes on-chain governance information through a dashboard

Discourse: forum used for asynchronous proposals and conversations, used in governance and communications

Orca Protocol: open-source community management tool around governance

Gardens: platform, created by 1Hive, that allows individuals to support or challenge submitted proposals based on conviction voting

Membership & Attendance

POAP: short for Proof of Attendance Protocol, POAP offers NFTs that are tied to events to reward attendees and build on-chain social graphs.

Unlock Protocol: NFT protocol designed for creator memberships and subscriptions.

DAO Tools

Aragon: operating system for DAO creation and DAO governance

Colony: DAO infrastructure for reputation-based task management and dispute resolution

DAOstack: open source project advancing the technology and adoption of decentralized governance