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Web3 Creator Residency | Open Studio #5

Thursday, July 21st 2022

Episode Description

Forefront's Web3 Creator Residency has launched its 2nd cohort of Resident Creators:

  • Kabuki (Residency game plan)
  • Nico (Agartha Village Figma)
  • d3mo (yh⁴ project)

During the Residency, our Resident Creators will be workshopping their projects, learning and building in public, and sharing their challenges along the way. Each Monday, they'll gather for our weekly Open Studio. Listen in on the W3CR Open Studio now:

  • Kabuki's 1st week of Residency will focus on sharing his productivity hacks as a creator: how to stay in a productive mindset, how to stay accountable and how to switch between "both sides of the brain" to balance the right amount of structure and guardrails with free space to play
  • d3mo shares his approach to world-building and muses that he is often "discovering" the connection between his art pieces as he creates them, vs arranging connections in a preset fashion.
  • Nico shares her epiphany about the prototype eco-village she is building: it is not enough for the architectures to be environmentally sound. They must also be inspirational! And for this, Nico is digging back into the designs of ancient Indian, Chinese & Islamic temples to inspire her new structures.


We have published the audio/video as originally recorded on the platform; please excuse any hiccups as we build in public!

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