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Web3 Creator Residency | Open Studio #8

Tuesday, August 9th 2022

Episode Description

Forefront's Web3 Creator Residency has launched its 2nd cohort of Resident Creators:

  • Kabuki (Residency game plan)
  • Nico (Agartha Village Figma)
  • d3mo (yh⁴ project)

This is the last Open Studio of Forefront's first W3CR! This Monday, our Resident Creators Nico, Kabuki and d3mo gathered to look back on the past four weeks, ideate on what their ideal Residency would look like and tackle the core

We revisited the question of the essential elements of a Creator's ecology, asking the Resident Creators, "what do you absolutely need to enable you to create?"

  • Nico thrives on tasting a variety of different experiences and cultures and surfing the Google search engine to drink up knowledge! Though Nico had never thought of building in public as essential to her ecology, she now sees that it provides an invaluable "sanity check" to help creators sense if they are in touch with the world.

  • Kabuki stresses the importance of IRL interactions to his creator ecology. IRL gatherings hit different than Zoom calls, because the effort one takes to travel, to dress properly (vs dressing from just the shoulders up!), deepens the felt impact/significance of our eventual encounter with others.

  • d3mo posited that his ideal Residency would include an IRL element, after which an intriguing jam sesh was sparked on why it is so difficult for creators to come together to collaborate. d3mo thought that lack of structure, discipline and time/money were factors.

  • Kabuki believes the coordination nut is hard to crack chiefly because of the lack of a common language and the difficulty of listening selflessly to what is coming out of the collective. (Indeed, you will likely realize that you were never taught how to practice or execute these "skills" that are so germinal to social life.)


We have published the audio/video as originally recorded on the platform; please excuse any hiccups as we build in public!

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