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Community Roundup | Radicle Funding for Dev DAOs, Orca Pods, $GEEX & DAMNs

Friday, October 15th 2021

Episode Description

  • Exploring the open design space around the term "social tokens" - Hot take from David Phelps: Why NFTs are the best social tokens and always have been - Social Tokens

  • New tooling/product for devs: Radicle Funding's Community NFTs

  • Felicia Day's new creator coin $GEEX

  • NFT apps boom: Context, Nifty's & Showtime - DAOs

  • New tooling: Orca Protocol & Pods

  • New DAO launches

  • DAMN (Decentralized Autonomous Media Network)

  • ScribeDAO - Facebook going down, crossing the chasm to Web3, and personal aha moments - hwgmi (how we're gonna make it): Spread the love around! Take a break from crypto (often), read & explore in divergent areas and topics.


FF Learn, Course 1: What is a Social Token

David Phelps, "The Currency of Community"

Radicle Funding’s NFT Community Tokens

Felicia Day Discord

Context app

Orca Protocol, Pods: The DAOnfall of Token Voting

DAMN Mirror Crowdfund


Facebook whistleblower

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