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Community Roundup | Digital Identity Marketplace, Web3-Native Social & Governance Aggregator

Friday, December 24th 2021

Episode Description

Join Chase Chapman & Alex Mexicotte as they dive into:

  • The Warehouse Digital Identity NFT Marketplace by Dapper Labs and Genies
  • DAO Social Media Tooling by Baptiste Greve, creator of Orbis
  • Governance Aggregator Platform by Messari
  • Mimetic Power of Enemies With Benefits
  • DAO M&A Between Fei Protocol and Rari Capital
  • NFT music video sold by Latasha
  • $6.1M Grant Round 12 by Gitcoin


RTFKT Acquired by Nike:
Messari Governor Platform:
Enemies With Benefits:
Collab with FWB:
Governance Proposal to Merge Channels:
Fei & Rari Merger:
Latasha NFT Music Video:
Gitcoin Grant Round 12:
Kickstarter Moving to Blockchain: (edited)

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