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Community Hangout | Celebrating Women in Web3

Thursday, March 24th 2022

Episode Description

Don't miss this special edition of our Community Hangout. We are joined by Kianga Daverington of ACREinvest + ACRE DAOs, and Ellie Dermendzhiyska of Betwixt.

  • ACREinvest is Kianga’s new blockchain venture, with the mission of regenerating the way capital markets work & for whom. Kianga recently launched ACRE DAOs, a Web3 portal for a decentralized impact investment club.

  • Betwixt is a female-led NFT project in collaboration with the 2018 World Fantasy Award winner, and it combines story, sound, play, psychology and generative art sculpted by your choices in the story.

We jammed with Kianga & Ellie on:

  • additional perspectives each would bring to the conversation around diversity in Web3
  • what is it that women are uniquely able to bring to web3?
  • their greatest fears for Web3
  • the power of imagination and fiction as the primal VR tech
  • what Plato has to teach us about current world crises in politics & government


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