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Community Roundup | Market Turmoil and Bringing More Humanity to Web3

Friday, May 13th 2022

Episode Description

Join @SpaceXponential & @AlexMexicotte as they dive into:

  • Chaos in the markets
  • UST depeg attack
  • Bored Ape Otherside land sale gas spike
  • WSJ vs CT: NFT sales
  • Bringing more humanity to web3 by @CryptoSocietyS1


UST depeg jonwu.eth:
Route 2 FI UST Bank Run:
Do Kwon Recovery Plan:
Potential LUNA Bailout:
Janet Yellen on UST depeg:
On Chain Wizard UST Attack:
4484 UST Attack:
10 Things to Know About Inverted Yield Curves:,has%20moved%20into%20a%20recession
2-year Treasury Yield Tops 10-year rate:
Inverted Yield Curve Does Not Prove US Recession Imminent:

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